Aerial Mapping

UAV Mapping, Orthophoto and Aerial Imagery

EarthSona is an industry leader in the adoption and deployment of UAV mapping solutions.  Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based mapping teams rapidly produce high-accuracy deliverables for a variety of applications.   Utilizing our proprietary workflow, we can accurately and efficiently create actionable data for contour maps, 3-D modeling, the preparation of design plans, existing conditions documentation, point clouds, heritage preservation, volume calculations and much more.

Some of the high-quality photogrammetric deliverables we provide include:
∙  Georeferenced Planimetric CADD Drawings
∙  Georeferenced 3D Topographic CADD Drawings
∙  Legal Exhibits
∙  Volume Calculations
∙  Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
∙  3D Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
∙  High-resolution Orthophotos