Providing Collaborative and Innovative Solutions to your Energy Asset Challenges

Transmission and Distribution infrastructure is becoming more decentralized and complex, accurate and current data is essential for monitoring, decision making and upgrade planning. We provide efficient, cost-effective solutions using technologies such as UAS to gather high-accuracy data quickly and remotely.

Representative Services:
∙  UAV Pipeline Monitoring / Visual and Thermal Camera Systems
∙  Movement Detection
∙  Corridor Mapping
∙  Vegetation Monitoring / ROW Encroachment Detection
∙  Electrical Line and Facility Profiles / Line Sagging Surveys
∙  Facility Surveys for Design, Property Audits, or Analysis
∙  High-accuracy Georeferenced Planimetric CADD Drawings
∙  High-accuracy Georeferenced 3D Topographic CADD Drawings
∙  Orthophotography
∙  3D Digital Terrain Models (DTM)