LiDAR - 3D Laser Scanning

High Density - Survey Grade Data Collection

3D laser scanning or High Definition Surveying (HDS) allows us to quickly and safely capture high-density, survey-grade data.   The 3D laser scan software displays the collected data points in a highly detailed, three-dimensional “point cloud”.   EarthSona's skilled technicians process this point cloud data to create a variety of products customized to the needs of your project.   Our CADD technicians can produce detailed 2D planimetric drawings, 3D BIM models, surface meshes, and even full animation video.   3D laser scan data can also be integrated with traditional survey data, allowing the scan data to be geo-referenced using a known coordinate system and vertical datum to create a highly-versatile existing conditions deliverable.

The most notable difference between HDS and traditional surveying methods is in the amount of data collected and the ability to gather this trove of information at a distance.   3D laser scanning can collect data from up to hundreds of feet away in any direction, indoors or outdoors, without needing to have a technician come in contact with the scan objects.   If an object can be seen, it can be scanned.   This allows data collection to occur in areas that could be impractical or difficult to access using traditional survey methods, and without the possibility of endangering the technician or other persons nearby.   Buildings, bridges, towers, and cliff faces can be scanned without needing personnel with fall protection equipment.   Sensitive areas such as airports, railroads and substations can be scanned from outside restricted areas.   Roadways can be scanned without requiring expensive and inconvenient lane closures. In addition, complex architectural features such as church interiors or domes can be safely and accurately measured.